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Celebration Cheese Cake

40th Anniversary CakeA Cheese Celebration Cake - something completely different from the traditional idea of a special celebration cake.

Surprise and delight your party guests with your own choice of cheeses, tiered in the traditional form.
Davidsons will ensure you have cheeses in their prime.

Find someone artistic to garnish it in an attractive manner. We do not provide fruit or other garnishes as everyone has their own personal ideas. Foliage, cherry tomatoes, green/purple grapes, flowers, and even some figurines all seem to work well. If you are worried about cut flower or leaf stems touching the cheese, wrap the stems in a little clingfilm or foil.

Lovely for special birthdays, anniversaries, in fact, any significant celebration where you'd like to do something different and appealing for your guests.

For the typical construction of our Cheese Cake, please see our Wedding Cheese Cake and Photo Gallery pages.


Further examples can be viewed on our Wedding Cheese Cake and Photo Gallery pages.

A family celebrated the parents' Ruby Wedding Anniversary and their elder daughter's 10th Wedding Anniversary at a joint celebration. One of our simple 3-tier Celebration Cheese Cakes was presented to them by friends. This "cake" focussing on traditional English cheeses, comprised Red Leicester, Blue Stilton and Wensleydale cheeses, decorated with mostly red fruits, basil and parsley.

Anniversary celebration cheese cake

A 60th Birthday Celebration (the lady concerned is Welsh)

Celebration Cheese Cake for 60th Birthday from The Cheese Factor

An example of a six tier cake:
Cheese Wedding Cake - Delivered September 2007

An a couple more undecorated examples:
Wedding Fair - Small Cheese Cake Wedding Fair - Large Cheese Cake

Further Information

Examples of our cheese wedding cakes are shown in the photos to the left and on our cheese wedding cake and photo gallery pages.
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