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Range of cheeses
from R.P. Davidson,
Cheese Factor,
of Chesterfield

Our Range of English and Continental Cheeses

Please note that we do not normally operate a mail order service, we supply only through our town centre shop in Chesterfield. The exception is if you require a Wedding or Celebration Cheese Cake, in which case, please contact Simon, our proprietor.

Cheese suitable for Vegetarians are preceded with v.

Our own cheeses from Hartington Creamery, Pike Hall:

v Peakland Blue - very much in the style of Blue Stilton
v Peakland White - very much in the style of White Stilton
v Peakland White with Cranberries and Orange Peel
v Peakland White with Smokey Tomato and Garlic
vSmoked Peakland Blue similar to Stilton, lightly smoked over oak barrel chippings

Traditional English Cheeses:

v Mild coloured cheddar (Dairy Farmers of Britain)Cheese Counter of R.P. Davidson
v Mature Cheddar - an excellent mature cheddar - specially selected by Simon !
v Tasty Coloured Cheddar (Scottish)
vExtra Strong Cheese - "Owd Timer" (Gum tingling)
v Farmhouse Mature Cheddar from the v Cheddar Gorge – The FINEST!
v Cheddar with attitude - Sonwdonia Blakc Bomber - smooth and creamy extra mature
v Cheshire (Coloured) Farmhouse
v Red Leicester Farmhouse
v Wensleydale - slightly crumbly
v Double Gloucester
v Derby - Mild and creamy
v Half Fat Farmhouse Cheddar -Cheddar Texture from Longmans
v English Brie! - Made in Somerset, can’t believe how nice!! *
v Cornish Yarg - teasty cheese with a nettle leaf coating
v Crumbly Lancashire - Award winning cheese from Carron Lodge creamery in Lancashire

Lancashire Black Bomb - a 2 year matured strong and creamy Lancashire. Will continue to mature for a further 2 years if refrigerated. Available in whole cheese only of circa 460gm. Made by Andrew Shorrock in Goosnargh near Preston.
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English Blue Cheeses:

v Derbyshire Blue - Creamier and softer than Stilton
v Shropshire Blue - Similar to blue stilton but orange in colour and stronger *
v Derbyshire Bouncing Bomb - blue Stilton rolled in fiery chillis (very hot!)

Plus -
From Saddleworth Cheese Company run by Sean Wilson (Martin Platt from Coronation Street)
Smelly 'Apeth - Medium soft Blue with a mild, sweet nuttiness
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British Additive Cheeses:

Selection of cheeses at the counter of R.P. Davidson
Red Windsor Cheddar with elderberry port
v Mushroom & Garlic in White Stilton
v Derby Sage Traditional - How it used to be with Sage in the middle
v Derby Sage Marbled (Green) - a veined version with sage flavouring
Cotswold - Double Gloucester with chives + onion
v Innkepers Choice - mature cheddar with pickled onion and chives *
v Lemon Crumble - Finest Wensleydale with lemon
v Orange Dream - creamy white Stilton with fruity orangepieces
vPineapple Twist - Wensleydale with sweet and fruity pineapple pieces
v St. Iltyd Welsh cheddar - With white wine, herbs & garlic *
v Red Hot Mex - Cheddar with chilli peppers
v Whirl - Red Leicester with cream cheese, onion and chives
vWolds Gold- Double Gloucester with horseradish and mustard *
v Bowland - Mature Lancashire with apples and raisins, covered in cinnamon
v Cheddar Wholnut - Cheddar with Walnuts
v Caramelised Onion Cheddar - from the famous Hawes dairy in Wensleydale
vWensleydale with Cranberries -Wensleydale with finest cranberry pieces
v Chilli and Lime in Cheddar - Cheddar with hot chilli and a dash of lime
v Sticky Toffee Cheddar - Chaddar with dates, raisins and toffee
v Apricots in white stilton
v Mango and Ginger in white stilton
v Stripey Jack - 5 layers of cheese - Cheshire, Leicester, Derby, Double Gloucester and Cheddar
v Smoked Lancashire - lightly smoked over whiskey barrel chippings.
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Goat / Sheep Milk Cheeses:

v Ribblesdale Goat - A medium texture goat’s cheese with a fresh delicate flavour.
v Inglewhite Mature Goat’s Cheese - hard pressed
Chevre Goat’s Log - The classic soft FRENCH goat cheese in a rolled log shape
v Inglewhite - Sheeps Milk Hard pressed
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French Cheeses:

Camenbert - Le Grande Rustique - Strong and Soft
Roquefort - one of the finest cheeses in the world, made from sheep's milk and matured in caves in the Roquefort region
Smoked Brie - 55% smoked over Whisky barrel chippings *
Delice des Cremieres - triple-cream - with a light, almost mousse-like texture
Morbier - A raclette cheese, soft and subtle with a delicate taste
Raclette - similar to Morbier without the ash
Comte - 12-14 months old, semi-hard full flavour from the Jura region
Saint Agur - Blue and luscious. Almost spreadable
Mont D'Or - creamy with full bodied aroma and rich earthy flavour (available October through April)
Munster - A soft wuashed rind cheese - smelly ! (similar to Stinking Bishop)
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Other Continental Cheeses:

EdamWhole cheese and clogs from R.P. Davidson - well known Dutch cheese
Old Amsterdam - An extra mature Dutch Gouda cheese with a rich and robust flavour
JarlesbergNorwegian. - A sweet nutty cheese
Gjetost - A mix of cows & goats milk to make a rich caramel taste cheese
Emmental - Swiss The one with the holes
v Gruyere - Swiss. Sweetish flavour & a typically nutty Flavour
Mozzarella - Italian.Excellent for cooking and salads
Parmesan Reggiano Made in the Bologna Region of Italy. The Best!
v Vegetarian Parmesan - At last we've found a good vegetarian option we're happy to sell
Greek Feta A mix of 90% sheep 10% goats milk
Danish Blue
Manchego - Spanish sheep's milk hard cheese
Picos Blue - Spanish cheese made from a blend of cows' and goats' milk
Pecorino Romano - Traditional Italian Sheep's milk cheese , not as hard as Parmesan
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Christmas Special Cheeses

v Lancashire Black Bomb - 2 year matured strong & creamy - whole 460 gm cheeses only
v Luxury Fruit and Brandy Cream - White Stilton
Red Windsor - Cheddar marbled with Elderberry Port Wine
v Whisky Cheddar - with the finest Whisky
v Impy Dark Beer Cheese - flavoured with one of our local beers (Mild and 4.3%) from Brampton Brewery


Farmhouse Butter - Slightly salted, from our favourite creamery. 1.70 per 250g
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Other associated items:

Jars of Lemon Cheese (340g/12 oz) 2-20
Hendersons’ Relish (284ml) 1-90
Lincolnshire Plum Bread 3.90
Brampton Fruit and Ale Cake 4.50 (14 x 7 cm slab)
Orange or Lemon Polenta Cake 3.75 (14 x 7 cm slab) - Gluten Free
Welbourne's Lincolnshire Plum Bread


Chutneys - we'll announce a range of chutneys soon.

And to help you serve your cheese:

Cheese Slice 1.50 Cheese Slice
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A variety of design of Cheeseboards is available for all occasions, and all the year round. All the Cheeseboards are made to your specifications from the list above.

If you’d like to order one (for collection only), please download our leaflet (see below), fill in the form and hand or to a member of staff, or post, e-mail, fax or ‘phone.

R.P. Davidson
The Cheese Factor
10 The Market Hall
S40 1AR

Tel. 01246 201203
Mob. 07970 281717
E-mail: sales@cheese-factor.co.uk



6.00 ( 4 cheese wedges )


8.00 ( 4/5 large cheese wedges )


12.00 ( 8 cheese wedges )


19.00 ( 12 cheese wedges)


25.00 and above
We will be happy to provide you with cheeseboards of your choice!


Download our 2014 Cheese Board PDF leaflet

Our leaflets are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, and are about 750Kb in size. They are designed to be printed on both sides of a sheet of A4 paper, then folded into a pamphlet format.

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